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Renful Premier Technologies - producers of the world's leading x-ray training and screener training system

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Profiling Techniques Seminar
This seminar will examine Profiling, which is a method for identifying illegal travellers, criminals and terrorists by behavioural analysis, documentation and expert questioning techniques.
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Security X-Ray Screening, Training & Monitoring Seminar
Renful has dedicated this seminar to the promotion of creative thinking in the area of X-ray training and testing; and the design of an effective X-ray screening operation.
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Welcome to AvsecSchool
 E-learning for aviation security training

AvsecSchool (Aviation Security School) is an e-learning portal established to enhance the job performance, confidence and expertise of security personnel.

Designed to address the demand for high-quality, flexible training, AvsecSchool now reaches personnel across the world with security courses and tests coving:

– Terrorism
– X-ray Interpretation
– Document Verification
– Threat Item Recognition
– Cargo Security Awareness
– General Security Awareness Training (GSAT Training)